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Veritas Incorporated is a marketing communications and consulting firm specializing in author and corporate publicity

Veritas Communications offers the following services:

WATC TV, Atlanta

  • Publicity campaigns and promotions
  • Direct marketing copy, brochures, advertising, and web design
  • Complete publishing solutions
  • Speeches and public relations materials
  • Corporate slogans and mission statements
  • Consulting for nonprofit organizations and businesses

Veritas is Latin for "Truth"

We believe Truth is the glue that holds all else together. Truth can liberate, inform and eventually lead to change.

As a Christian-based media agency, our faith and values drive what we do and how we do it. We see a discernible link between our methodology and results.

We do not compromise the clear association between service and working philosophy. In other words, our commitment to Judeo-Christian truth is the motivating factor in our striving for excellence.

As an agency, Veritas recognizes its commitment to three key areas:

  • To Publishing and Nonprofit Clients: These include publishers, individuals and organizations that put their trust in us to achieve results.
  • To the Media: These involve hosts, editors or producers of radio, television, print or online opportunities who expect us to serve their specific needs.
  • To Individual Authors: The numerous authors or spokespersons that rely on us to serve their products professionally, timely and at a fair price.

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